Between the 11th and 13th centuries, the Almoravids and Almohads ruled over the territory of Al‐Ándalus.

This route offers a chance to discover their architectural heritage, in the shape of the various castles and defensive elements along the way. This itinerary, which forms part of the Routes of the Al-Andalus heritage, has been designated a Major Cultural Route by the Council of Europe.

Arabic Heritage Tour

Visit the cities at the forefront of cutting edge innovation, of great economic and political importance, of libraries and public baths, of paved streets and street lighting. Places where some of the greatest minds the world has known once lived. A world of knowledge and learning. All this at a time when the rest of Europe stayed in the dark ages. Get to know the must-sees of the arabic heritage in Spain, Al-Andalus: Alhambra, the Arab quarter Albaicin, the Granada and the Cordoba Mosques, the Muslim Forts in Ronda, La Giralda and the Cathedral in Sevilla and the last Muslim forts in Alpujarra mountains and villages. Beautifully combined with a trip to Morocco that can be done by boat.

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