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Spain has the second highest number of World Heritage Sites in the world. Due to its historical and geographical diversity, Spanish architecture has drawn from a host of influences: muslim, jewish, christian, roman…

Stay at a Medieval Palace refurbished with all the contemporary luxuries, visit Gothic Cathedrals, get to know the land of Don Quixote guided by expert local guides or curators.

Medieval experience

Sleep in a Medieval Castle, visit a fortress, try the traditional food of the time, see how they lived and feel the immense monumental and artistic heritage in many cities of Spain.

Gaudí Architecture Tours

Get to know Gaudí´s masterpieces while having a lot of fun doing a cycle tour or walking tour in Barcelona. Our local guides will take you to non-touristic places where you will feel as a local.

Dalí Surrealism

Visit Dalí´s places of inspiration, where he lived, where he spent his time painting. This XX Century genius expressed himself in the Costa Brava, northern Catalonia. Your trip will begin in Figueres where he was born, where he died and where the Teatro-Museo Dalí sits today. It will follow to Cadaqués a beautiful fishermen white village where Dalí spent the most of his life and where we can now find the Casa-Museo Salvador Dalí. The trips ends with a visit to Girona, the capital city of the province and home of the Casa-Museo Castillo Gala-Dali where his beloved wife was buried.

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