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Flamenco and bullfighting make Spanish culture. You can decide whether to see a flamenco show or to learn how to dance in a enjoyable relaxed ambience. Or why don’t you try to learn the first easy steps to become a “bullfighter” from a professional one? It is safe for you and the animal, and a lot of fun!

Flamenco shows

Visit the cities at the forefront of cutting edge innovation, of great economic and political importance, of libraries and public baths, of paved streets and street lighting. Places where some of the greatest minds the world has known once lived. A world of knowledge and learning. All this at a time when the rest of Europe stooped in the dark ages. Get to know the must-sees of the arabic heritage in Spain, Al-Andalus: Alhambra, the Arab quarter Alabicin, the Granada and the Cordoba Mosques, the Muslim Forts in Ronda, La Giralda and the Cathedral in Sevilla and the last Muslim forts in Alpujarra mountains and villages. Beautifully combined with a trip to Morocco that can be done by boat.

Flamenco lessons

In a group or alone, we will introduce you to this passionate and vivid traditional dance and music. Learn how to move to the sound of the Spanish guitar taught by a real flamenco dancer. Afterwards you will do the choreography yourself!

Bullfighting lessons

Learn the art of toreo from matador de toros (bullfighter) and work with the capote and the muleta, learning to execute the basic lances and pases, essential to toreo. The principles of bregar and terrains are studied in a suitable setting. Each course includes a professional tienta, with vacas limpias, where students have the chance to put into practice what they have learned at the school, in a safe and professional atmosphere to end with a delicious meal in the countryside.

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